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Hotel Babylon Season 3  

2008-11-13 20:21:20|  分类: 闲看英美剧 |  标签: |举报 |字号 订阅

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Hotel Babylon Season 3 - 小兔灰灰 - 小兔灰灰的小窝

Episode 1

Anna thinks all her Christmases have arrived at once, when highly successful clothing company De Rigeur holds a fashion show at Hotel Babylon to launch their new collection. Anna's a big fan of the label and quickly ingratiates herself with Duncan, the creative director, in order to get her hands on the collection's star piece - the Astrix dress. Things at De Rigeur, however, aren't as glossy as they seem as Duncan accuses his boss, Price, of using sweatshops in order to keep clothing costs down. When Price refuses to listen to Duncan, he finds himself an unlikely ally in Anna. Charlie sees Anna in a new light when she shuns her usual materialistic instincts in favour of doing what is morally right, but Price is a powerful man and shows Duncan what he's capable of. Will Charlie and Anna be able to help Duncan and bring down one of the most successful clothing companies of recent times? Meanwhile, a jury is sequestered to the hotel to consider their verdict. It's a murder trial and the vote of one jury member, Justine, could either see the defendant being found innocent or guilty. She forms a bond with Tony, who is having a hard time - he's turned 40 and his family doesn't seem to care. Tony helps Justine when she is delivered a bung - will she take the money and run or, more importantly, will Tony give up everything and go with her? Emily James, meanwhile, stays at Hotel Babylon and claims to be a journalist - but she keeps changing the publication she works for and the questions she asks the regular employees are maybe a little too personal. Is she really who she claims to be, or is there an ulterior motive for her enquiries that even Charlie isn't aware of?


Love is in the air as Valentine's night approaches, but the restaurant has received a damning review from restaurant critic Alexander Crawfield. New PR Emily rises to the challenge and convinces Charlie to hire hot celebrity chef, Otto Clark, leaving the Head Chef, Adam Price, out on a limb. Gino suspects that a pair of bronzed and beautiful guests are using one of the rooms to shoot porn and stream it over the internet. Jackie's doubt doesn't wash with the boys, but she manages to stay one crucial step ahead of them, and ultimately laughs all the way to the bank. Meanwhile, the romance bug has caught up with Charlie and Anna and it looks like its game on until Anna becomes too close to Lady Hamilton and her very eligible son Giles. Charlie can't contain his jealousy, realising that money and class are the only things that seem to interest Anna after all. Unless both he and Anna have read the situation wrong?


Hotel tycoon, Donald Stern's daughter Naomi is getting married to wealthy American, Earl Archer, and he wants her to have the best wedding possible. However with the wedding planner away, it's up to Emily and Anna to make it a success. Unfortunately Emily can't help getting drawn back into her old party ways and causes chaos on Naomi's hen night. It will certainly prove a wedding to remember. As a result of the society wedding, Charlie introduces a system ensuring that the team get an equal reward from the tips for having to pull out all the stops. Ben is deemed the most reliable and is entrusted with keeping a watch over this money. However, temptation gets the better of him. Meanwhile Brad Shelford, 'Weightloss guru' is staying at Babylon for his promotional book tour. He arrives with gorgeous blonde, Carla on his arm, and immediately Gino is envious of his perfect lifestyle, but is Brad as happy as he makes out?


It's the final rounds of auditions for new West End musical Princess Scrunchie. The hotel's alive with precocious kids and crazy showbiz parents, the worst being Scarlett Adams. Tony is stunned when his thirteen year old daughter Liz arrives out of the blue and announces that she's in the final ten. Gino's brother, Ginelli, appears and finds himself helping Gino out behind the bar. The problem is that Ginelli can charm the birds from the trees, which Charlie puts to good use. Unfortunately this is what Gino feared and the truth about their brotherly relationship comes out. Jack Harrison is the last of the candidates for a new management role. Charlie gives him the awesome challenge of looking after Mr Delaney. However the pressure soon gets to him, and Jack tries to make a speedy exit. A mysterious stranger saves Anna's life and she is eternally grateful - but who is he? After much investigation, she finds him staying at the hotel and discovers him to be her very own Mr. Wright. There is clearly chemistry, but he's called away and Anna's luck runs out, or does it?


Charlie is starting to realise the pressure of managing a five-star hotel when a report from head office shows profits are down. His day gets worse when it emerges the chambermaids haven't been paid. Hutch a friend of Charlie's, is an established diamond dealer, who's arrived for an exclusive jewellery auction being hosted at the hotel. However rumours of a planned heist are making people jittery. When Hutch realises the auction might be cancelled, he becomes desperate, revealing to Charlie that the auction is his ticket to freedom. With Head Office on his back, the chambermaids at their wits end and his friend needing help, Charlie turns to ex cell-mate turned loan shark, Terry to secure the extra finance he needs. When a further payroll mistake means there's no money to pay Terry back, things go from bad to worse with serious repercussions for Terry's henchman, Sparks. Charlie's world is closing in and his days at Hotel Babylon suddenly appear to be numbered. Can Hutch offer him a much needed lifeline?


Jack has just been promoted to General Manager, and this year's big 'rom com' is being filmed in Babylon by a very emotional director. Problems arise as leaks to the press, a lack of on-screen chemistry between Katy and Tom and a gaffe by Jack all threaten the film, and ultimately Babylon's profits. It's up to Jack to save the day, but will he succeed? Anna is having a dilemma. Ned has just invited her for a weekend away in New York, but she can't get Charlie out of her head. Finding it hard to know what to do she confides in Rachel, an enigmatic young woman who seems to have it all. But Rachel has her own secrets and reasons for living the high life, and Anna resorts to bring Rachel the happiness she deserves, and also to make amends with Ned.


Illusionist Dan Black is in town to do his next big stunt - disappear from Trafalgar Square. Anna seeks out how to perform his stunts and easily masters the art of levitating. Eager to find out more of his secrets she coerces Ben into going to Black's room whilst he's out performing. However, Black manages to get the last laugh. Chat show host, Eddie Palmer asks Tony to get him some female company. Palmer insists on using one of his regular contacts, so Tony escorts Mei, a young looking, Chinese woman, to Palmer's room with dire consequences. Much to Gino's jealousy, the restaurant is a roaring success. James hopes to keep up this success by unveiling his meticulously planned new menu. But when James falls for one of the new waitresses, and the Burlington's GM turns up to see Gino, it raises more than a few eyebrows. But there's a shock in store for Babylon the next day.


Soon to be famous faith healer, Jonah Slaughter, arrives at Babylon with his faithful assistant, Nathan, in tow. At the same time, a rather nervous Caroline checks in and quickly situates herself in the bar. Finally, Martin arrives with an odd request - he wants his son's ashes to be stored in the hotel safe. When this isn't an option, Jack enlists James to look after the ashes, and guard them with his life. But there's more to these guests than meets the eye. Ned proposes to Anna, but celebrations are cut short when Anna hears what she believes to be a gun shot. On learning that Jack and Emily are being held hostage in a room, Anna joins the gang in a daring plan to rescue them.



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